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There is a Light

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

I decided a few days ago to take a Julia Cameron-inspired Artist Date to the Rubin Museum where I promptly fell in love with their Mandala Lab. An interactive exhibit that apparently came to be in 2021 (the launch was not remotely on my radar at the time, because of the pandemic), the Lab features mindfulness-based offerings like a “Gong Orchestra.” You can strike a gong as you tap into one of your stickier emotions, then by dipping that same gong in water, you might notice how the introduction and incorporation of a secondary element (like water) can transform and disperse the soundwaves.

I spent a good 20 minutes camped out in front of Palden Weinreb’s Untitled (Coalescence) (photo above) which encourages viewers to match inhales and exhales to the ebb and flow of light emanating from the sculpture. The basic premise of the entire exhibit, as far as I could tell, was to illustrate the ability to transmute lower vibrations of the kleshas (ignorance, attachment, aversion) through direct practice versus just ponderance of teachings and dry theory. My verdict: I found the whole thing to be fun and inspiring. It sounds like the exhibit will be a mainstay at the museum for a while, so I encourage you to check it out if and when you have a chance.

You’ve no doubt noticed that I’m now launching my yoga and mindfulness missives out into the world via Substack. After many, many complaints informing me that my emails were winding up lost in spam folders, I decided to take radical action and migrate platforms. I’ve decided to keep the text portion of these newsletters free to any and all who want to read (the same text will also be available on my blog). But with the paid subscriber feature available - and a couple of you already interested in being paid subscribers, bless you - I thought it might be nice to offer early access to guided audio meditations to paid subscribers.

There’s no pressure at all to pay for a subscription. Again, I promise to keep the text of these open and free to all interested. Spoken-word meditations for my paid subscribers will begin in next month’s newsletter. (That should give me enough time to figure out what I’m doing, in theory.)

In the meantime, I leave you with Stonekeepers’ “There is a Light” for inspiration this month (via Spotify). Keep the light and the faith, my friends.

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