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On the Removal of Obstacles

As I'm actively in the process of restructuring what my life looks like on a daily basis, I've been thinking a lot about obstacles - specifically, the obstacles standing between where I am and where I (say I) want to go. Sometimes those obstacles are physical (money, time, a bum shoulder that keeps acting up). Sometimes they're energetic (same money, same time, same shoulder). Sometimes they're old beliefs rooted in fear and shame (whoops: curve ball!).

I think many of us have heard the adage feel the fear and do it anyway. That sounds very nice, and even looks pretty on paper, but it also makes light of the fact that many of us have strong, active trauma responses to things that present as obstacles. I once worked with a coach who announced that overwhelm was simply a bullshit excuse and didn’t exist. My fight-flight-freeze-and-fawn response vehemently disagreed (that professional relationship didn’t last long). So what to do when these things rise up in the middle of our paths, looming large in the center of the road?

My suggestion is to offer ourselves grace. Yes, I said grace. And with that offering, compassion, gentleness, and love to the best of our abilities. Self-love and self-care are not always easy, especially when the voice that we have used to speak to ourselves has been historically harsh and unkind. Grace toward one’s self is a practice, much like yoga and meditation. Some days are admittedly easier than others.

But when the ability to show kindness to ourselves finally presents itself, so too does a sense of openness and ease. A way to move forward - perhaps in a different way - may show itself. Self-permission is granted to go a little easier on the path, a little slower. Perhaps the end-game changes as a result. And perhaps, too, it becomes easier for us to shift and even release our original ideas of success and achievement so that we are more available to sit with and enjoy what very simply is.

Insofar as the obstacle that technology and even keeping up with this newsletter has presented to me, it is very likely that next month’s newsletter will be migrating from Mailchimp to Substack. Hopefully, that will result in these missives finding your inboxes rather than your spam folders! If you’d like to join my new Substack mailing list, please do that here.

You can continue to find me teaching at Heights Meditation and Yoga this March (in-person, with the zoom option). I also lead Mindful Meditation on Sunday evenings in-person, if you’d like to explore that.

My March Schedule

Sun. 5:30-6:30pm ET | Yin & Restorative | Heights Meditation & Yoga

Sun. 7:00-7:45pm ET | Mindful Meditation | Heights Meditation & Yoga

Fri. 9:30-10:30am ET | Mindful Yoga & Meditation | Heights Meditation & Yoga

Fri. 12:00-1:00pm ET | Slow Open Flow Yoga | Heights Meditation & Yoga

For those who have asked, I’m currently offering 60-minute, in-home private yoga classes to NYC residents for $75 per session (I regret that both time and expense require that I restrict privates to in-city at this time). If you’re interested in a package discount, please reach out.

And if you’re wondering if this whole grace towards oneself thing is worth your time, give it a shot. Then try it again…and again. It gets easier with repetition. I believe you’re worth it. Let me know how it goes.

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